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With artists, makers, at the First Sunday Event

Sundy 7 August 2022 from 11am to 4pm

Will be showing artworks at The Moth Shop, 263 London Road,TN37 6NB.

Please support local people, local economy, beautiful ideas, sustainable art, good healthy food, vintage fabrics, clothing, record collections, jewellry, body care, healing and more: On Bohemia Raod, Tower Road, London Road.

Clean Water Action

Our clean water action crowd funder campaign is launching Saturday 12 February at Azur Beach St Leonards where many all round seasonal swimmers go to enjoy the sea. In the last 2 years we have more people enjoying the coast all year round; with the ongoing sewerage spillages from southern water, we are deeply worried about our natural environment. For some going into the sea is holistic & invigorating for their well being.

©Amanda Jobson 2021

Other communities have come across the sea as refugees, residing here is vital for their own sanctuary.

By collaborating with Clean Water Action Hastings & St Leonards my aim was always to test the sea water, from the residencies I took on since 2020 in Priory Meadow Shopping Centre as a culture declarer and out on the beaches.

I noticed changes to our sea water, marine wildlife and ecological landscape. The crowd funding will enable us to conduct sea water tests in the winter season giving accurate independent data monitoring for pollutants, E. Coli and faecal bacteria. We know southern water don’t test the sea water in the winter season. We want a healthy environment for everyone and marine wildlife. We want to see environmental improvements, a wildlife which can thrive, a community responsible and gain knowledge living on the south east coast. We would like future support to offer an outdoor classroom connecting a community to our coast. So please support & share our vital campaign crowd funder

Thank you

Clean Sea water banner © Amanda Jobson 2022

Of Land and Sea

Its my third week in the space in Priory meadow Shopping Centre with lots of community participation and our growing exhibition from artists, gardeners, workshops, and survey on ocean pollution. With a newly formed second Hastings Cliff beach clean event taking place this Thursday 19th August 2pm . The conversations with the community have been really important, now with the recent sewage dump by southern water; some residents haven’t been in the water for many years worried about the spillages and ocean pollution.

© Amanda Jobson – 6th August 2021 – Hastings Cliffs Beach Clean

There are many questions of the collective problem of sewage spillages, and climate change, which have been taking place across the south east, Kent, West Sussex and here in East Sussex, affecting not only communities, tourism, but marine life; these collective actions, litter picks, surveys, will identify not only the plastic pollution and debris, but gather information on kelp. Is it growing here? – and is there an abundance of native seaweed in this conservation area.

Residency opening times:

Tuesdays to Saturdays: 12 to 4pm Priory meadow Shopping Centre

(In the old grape tree shop opposite vodaphone) ends September 3rd 2021

Landslide: Of Land and Sea

Landslide of Land and Sea, connects to the shorelines, edge lands, ecological landscape, on the coastal region of the Hastings Cliffs to Pett Level, walks made during lockdown to the present day . Assessing the venerabilities of our landscape, walking journeys, surveys over black rocks and boulders with evident coastal erosion and plant loss. This area is a site of special scientific Interest and a special area of conservation, these areas are so designated because they include nationally important habitats and rare scarce insects and plants. Our landscapes are dynamic and transforming but climate change is affecting and impacting these coastal areas on land and sea.

Landslide 2020-21 © Amanda Jobson


How are these areas being affected? and how can cultural organisations, communities envision a caring future within these historical communal places where identities are bound in the natural landscape.


Research: Landslide events tied to extreme weather and climate change have increased in recent years [15], landslides in cold areas are becoming a hot issue in landslide research.

Landslide © Amanda Jobson 2021

Living on the Sussex Coastline I have experienced coastal changes, erosion, rockfall, boulders the size of cars falling along this changing coastal landscape. Returning here in 2020- 21 there are more of these boulders, evidence of tree fall, loss of plants, continuous erosion along this area of outstanding beauty. Climate change affects the rise of sea levels with the production of bigger waves incoming onto the rocks; edge lands of an important landscape for wildlife, birds, fish, plankton and mammals.

Nature is Here

After a site visit to a newly constructed Garden City in Swanscombe and Dartford;

I began to see a place rich in history and nature. I’ve been selected to submit a creative proposal for ‘Phase 1’ on the waterfront connecting a community to an area on the waters edge. This piece is of a mixture of alternative printing techniques works I made in response to connecting a community to nature. They could be seen as temporary works installed by the waters edge, details on wildflowers and flora significant to wildlife, nature and a community.

Nature Is Here © Amanda Jobson 2021

Green Shoots

Spring is making an appearance some of us have been germinating seeds thinking about nature. I’ve teamed up with Anna Locke from Ore in Bloom and Ore Community Land Trust where I manage the community garden in Speckled Wood. We are offering ‘free’ gardening mini courses with; vegetable growing, pruning fruit trees, growing pollinator flowers and much more with our weekly video’s coming soon.

Please register on this link below.

We are looking forward to the planting season to share our developments of growing in our community garden in Speckled Wood.

Green Shoots © Amanda Jobson 2021

Supported by The National Lottery Community Fund